How To Make Money Writing Fiction

It is well known that fiction writers who make a living from their craft are few and far between. Those who know how to make money writing fiction and actually earn a fortune are the exception rather than the rule.

The likes of Stephen King, Tom Clancy and Frederick Forsyth whilst all brilliant authors are extremely rare and definitely not the norm.

It is a well known fact that earning a large amount of money from fiction writing is becoming harder and harder.

However, there is good news. There are newer methods of publishing which are getting a real push with print on demand becoming an affordable method of self publishing.

If you were fortunate enough to get your manuscript accepted by a publisher you would be offered an advance which is supposed to be equivalent to the books earnings.

This probably would be for Stephen King but not for a new writer. this is an advance against future earnings and is yours, it will not be taken back.

All earnings after the advance will be from royalties and are a percentage of the sales volume of the book after they have deducted the advance.

These are normally in the region of four percent but can rise to eight percent , it just depends on the contract offered.

Remember this is on the price the publisher receives, not the sales price of the book.

It is possible for authors to receive an advance of $50,000 but this is an exception. Figures of $10,000 or less would be close to the norm and this would only normally be offered to established writers, this is something to aspire too rather than expect.

Obviously if your book is a great success then the next advance will be a lot larger and easier to get.

With the growth of the internet a newer means of publishing has become possible for the new writer, Print On Demand. [POD] is basically a copy of your novel held in electronic form on a publishers website. When somebody buys a copy of your book it is printed, bound and dispatched.

It is exactly what the name implies, a publisher holds a large number of mixed genre scripts which are viewed on their site.

Once ordered it is produced and this obviously encourages POD sites to accept unknown authors as there outlay is nil, besides website costs, until someone pays in advance for the book they want.

This also opens the door to small independent entrepreneurs who can get small runs of unique books to sell on to specialist shops.

By far the biggest growth marketing recently is the explosion of Ebooks.

Programs for self publishing are easily available and once studied they are easily implemented. Once you have the knowledge the ever increasing number of online designers, editors and proofreaders means that research can be carried out from the comfort of your home

Once you have an electronic manuscript it is almost easier than writing it to see it on sale as a finished product.

The growth of Ebook sales is phenomenal and it must surely be the way forward as more and more people have Ereaders or Ereader programs on their laptops.

The way to success is research so check out which of these self publishing methods is best for your novel.

The internet is brimming with free information on self publishing and the costs are extremely small compared to the possible returns for a best seller.

It is now easier than ever to become published and with the growth of self publishing the work is now concentrated into writing rather than fighting to get published, so it is possible to earn something if you know how to make money writing fiction.

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